Excess Heat in Attics

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Keeping Attic Heat Out of the Rest of the Home

Attic heat plays an essential part in the temperature of your house during the summertime. Without adequate insulation and proper ventilation, heat inside your attic can cause your air conditioner to work more challenging and increase your energy bill. Attending to insulation and ventilation concerns in your attic is a cost efficient way to keep your house a comfy temperature level and save money on air conditioning, however just proper installment will produce successful outcomes.

Reasons for Attic InsulationHeating and Cooling Fayetteville NC

Wood structure products soak up heat and radiate it down into the household without ample insulation. If your air conditioner is constantly running in a vain effort to cool your home, you might require extra attic insulation, however it’s not as basic as completing insulation with another layer.

Here are some tips from our friends at Heating and Cooling Fayetteville NC:

Air sealing – Insulation slows the transfer of heat from one side of the insulation to the various other. Nevertheless air currents lower the effectiveness of insulation and can redistribute it with unfavorable outcomes. Air seal any holes in the ceiling before insulating.
Spray foam – Use spray foam insulation on the underside of roof sheathing to offer insulation at the source and decrease attic heat considerably.
Sealing the attic gain access to cover – These covers generally don’t seal well and insulating this small location works wonders in avoiding attic heat attacks.
Insulating ducts – This keeps your hot attic from warming the cooled air in your ductwork.
How venting attic heat keeps your house cool.

If your attic cannot breathe, it becomes an oven and that trapped heat radiates down into the property. Venting heat from the attic prevents this issue. Solar energy exhaust followers draw heat from the attic by spinning when the sun strikes them, taking hot air out and allowing cool air from the lower roofing system in.

Do not let the heat lurking in the attic creep into your house.